NEEDED-Dynamics AX Developer - POSITION OPEN in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, PA

This candidate needs to be Very Technical in AX Module

They cannot just be an end user, they need to be able to cut code and be able to develop.

Below is a brief job descriptions.

  1. Experienced MS Dynamics AX Application Developer in Pittsburgh, PA – 6/m C2H - $85hr but No more than 90hr

As the successful candidate you will have the following exciting responsibilities! Design and develop technology-based solutions to support Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and business/web applications. Resolve issues quickly and effectively throughout the software development process. Translate business process into software requirements. Create excellent software solutions within scope and budget limitations.

$85/hr - 6-12m C2H

Please contact me if you are interested!!

Office: 610.783.0600 x290
Cell: 484.459.5905
Fax: 615.369.8104