need to print the site name in inventable which is coming from diffrenttable(AX 2009)

Hello every one,

I am pretty new in ax development and recently completed my certification in AX.

I have been assigned a task in the item master (InventTable) we have 30 k items and for each item we have to fill Site name at six places (3 for default order setting ) and 3 for site specific order setting for each item .

when we open the invent table we have the set up when we click on set up we get two options 1)site specific order setting

  1. default order setting
    the problem is that site name is not in inventtable it is some other table ,Please let me know if you need some more information


how to join the tables together or bring the value from that table to this table and how to print name site name for all the items and site name is coming in look up table.

Please help.


folks please throw some lights…

In general, you can have more than one site in Site specific order settings, therefore there is nothing like a single site name for an InventTable record.

When you get the right InventItemPurchSetup record, join InventDim table via InventDimId field and than InventSite table via InventSiteId field. You’ll find site name in InventSite.Name field.