Need to populate a field in VENDOR TRANSCATION form from JOURNAL VOUCHER form

Hi all,

My requirement is that, whenever the posting is done in payment journal, I need to populate a custom field(which I have created in ‘Journal voucher form’(Account payable - > Journal → Payment journal)) to the “Vendor transaction” form. I don’t know exactly, the place where the records are inserted from “Journal voucher” form to “vendor transaction” form, even i tried debugging in 'post and transfer, button in journal voucher form. If I know the place where its inserting, I can place my code over there.

If anyone, guides me on this it will be helpful for me.

You can start looking from,



I found it in “Vendtrans” table->methods. But I searched it manually and I found it. But for learning purpose, I kept the breakpoint over this method, and I tried posting. But the breakpoint didnt come here…So,I cant find where they are using this method. if anyone knows, how to debug it, it will helpful to find where they are using this method.

public void initFromLedgerJournalTransApproval(LedgerJournalTrans _ledgerJournalTrans)


this.Invoice = _ledgerJournalTrans.Invoice;

this.DocumentNum = _ledgerJournalTrans.DocumentNum;

this.DocumentDate = _ledgerJournalTrans.DocumentDate;

this.ApprovedBy = _ledgerJournalTrans.ApprovedBy;

this.Approved = this.ApprovedBy ? _ledgerJournalTrans.Approved : NoYes::No;

this.TransType = _ledgerJournalTrans.TransactionType;

this.PaymMode = _ledgerJournalTrans.PaymMode;

this.PaymSpec = _ledgerJournalTrans.PaymSpec;

if (BrazilParameters::isEnabled())


this.PaymentType = _ledgerJournalTrans.PaymentType;

this.PaymentWay = _ledgerJournalTrans.PaymentWay;


this.PaymReference = _ledgerJournalTrans.PaymReference;


It will hit in case of invoice approval journal posting.

Have you tried to look at the code i mentioned in the earlier post?