Need to lock c/odbc driver on read only

Okay this client has a security problem they are scared of.

The C/ODBC driver can be togled as we know on read only in options. Now this can’t be locked. Any bit knowledgeable individual can move this and other options. (Time-out, cache, identifier)

Apart of the fact always some wizz kid can wreck everything, this client would feel secure if the C/ODBC driver could be locked in it’s settings.

Anybody with good ideas. Settings go in the registry. But we rather look for a partially disabled driver.

Suggestion was made to not use C/ODBC anymore but C/Front. (rights determinable from within rights in Navision

Looked at the C-Front manual. (Wizz kid can use that also to wreck all) and most unuserfriendly tool sofar.

Then suddenly you realize good old foxpro never dies. It is very much alive.