Need to Import 4000+ records into AX

Hi All,

I have a requirement like I need to Import 4000+ records into new Table Called AttributeTable(CustAccount,AttributeType,AttributeValue1,AttributeValue2).

This Table having relation with CustTable with CustAccount.

Here,1 Customer will have 9 AttributesTypes. below is the test data.

CustAccount AttributeType AttributeValue1 AttributeValue2
1001 Comm fixed Term
1001 Sales fixed Term
1001 Per fixed Term
1001 day fixed Term
1001 hexa fixed Term
1001 alpha fixed Term
1001 beta fixed Term
1001 Comma fixed Term
1001 duration fixed Term

Now,I have two Sceanrios
Scenario 1: If Customer 1001 is not available in AttributeTable,I need to insert all 9records(i.e,all 9 AttributeTypes with AttributeValue1 and AttributeValue2) in AttributeTable.

Scenario 2:If Customer 1001 is available but having only some of the AttributeTypes,then I need to update with latest ArributeValue1,AttributeValue2.(i.e,updating AttributeValue1,AttributeValue2 fileds with latest data for the available AttributeTypes).

and I need to insert remaining Attribute Types with latest ArributeValue1,AttributeValue2 in AttributeTable(i.e,creating missed Attributetypes with latest AttributeValue1,AttributeValue2).

This data is available in ExcelSheet right now.

I have developed a script to read this ExcelSheet and to Update,insert the data into AttributeTable and run in Test environment.

But it is taking too much time(more than 4 hours).

Right now i’m using script only.

Could you please suggest what is the best way to achieve this requirement.

Note:Actually we need to achieve this requirement in Production also.

We can’t use DIXF.

Thanks in advance.

Without DIXF you will struggle with performance ,because that’s one of the tool built on SSIS framework.
Other way is to import all this raw data into some custom staging tables(not DIXF) , process them, and then insert them using multithreading into target AX tables.


Do you have any reason not to use DIXF? Create the entity if doesn’t exist yet, configure the import and run it - it will insert missing records and update existing ones, exactly as you want. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and write custom code for it.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the reply.
I can’t use DIXF here.That’s y i’m asking for suggestions.

What problem do you have with DIXF? It’s absolutely crucial - you should use your time to resolve the problem instead of trying to write custom code to do a very little part of what DIXF can do for you.