Need to hide/ disabled a financial dimension on a form


I have one requirement in which i have to hide / disabled some financial dimensions from the default dimensions from customer master form.

How can I do that ?


Hi AR,

What do you mean by Disable, is it deleting the Financial Dimensions ???

If Yes, then there are some pre-requisites to be looked into.

  1. there should’nt be any transaction related with that Financial Dimension

  2. If there is any advance rule structure attached to the financial Dimension, firstly you have to delete it and then delete the dimensions.

There is another way by making the Dimensions not mandatory, this can be done by selecting the Dimension onto the dimension name we get to see a filter, select it and a form opens and to the bottom of the form you find an option call Allow blanks. This can be used as a reference if required.

… if this post is informative and helpful, please verify the Solution… wuld be thankful …