Need Tip on Importing Bitmaps ...

I am running Attain 3.10B and am having a problem importing bmp’s into reports. The error is This is an invalid Device-Independent Bitmap File. I am using Photoshop to save the bmp’s. They are less that 32K, either bw or greyscale and are 150lpi. Some are 4bit, some 8bit and so on, I can’t seem to figure out which property is making the bmp not device independent. Note that in NF2.6 I could import the exact same file. Any tips would be great, Thanks, John [:(]

Here’s an update … If I resave the file in MS Photo Editor, then I can import the image, except that the scaling is no longer correct. Independent of the resolution I want the image to have, MS Photo Editor always changes the image dimensions to meet a 96ppi resolution. Overall I can being in BMP’s now, but only at screen resolution (not printer resolution). Help!

Guess what !??! If I save the file with JASC Paint Shop Pro, then everythign works great! I am having problems with Photoshop and MS Paint with Attain, that I didn’t have before. Weird. Anyway, there’s a workaround! -john

Hi. A few tips when working with logos. Try to start with an eps-file if avaliable. This format is vectorizised and can be rezised without loosing details. Open in Paint shop Pro, choose resolution and resize. If You end up with a file larger that 32K: Store it in a blob (if it’s the company logo use the Company Setup) and show it using a PictureBox after doing a CALCFIELDS on the blob. Befor You finish: Save Your report as HTML and looka at the logo there also. If the size is to small or big in HTML You need to change resolution on You bitmap.