Need steps to configure webservice for AX Retail POS both on server & client side.

Fellows I am having 13010 error at Retail POS inventory lookup

Retail POS > task > inventory > inventory lookup >
Error number: 13010 Could not connect to the Transaction Service

There are number of steps that has to be implemented both on server and client regarding iis.
Some of Powershell files are available at
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Commerce Data Exchange\Real-time Services\6.2\Sample Deployment Scripts

I am able to install them using Powershell
File 1 -------InstallServerCertificate.ps1
File 2 -------InstallCommerceDataExchangeRealtimeService.ps1

File 1 is installed with Create Self Signed Certificate option available at IIS.
Onward what steps are needed to install the certificate on Client end to get rid of the 13010 ERROR.

Also guide for
File 3 -------InstallCertificationAuthority.ps1

hi nauman,

on the POS client, i prefer to export the certificate from server then import on the POS client terminal.

btw have you make sure that the service already run? (test the WCF by go to IIS > Server > CommerceDataExchangeRealtimeServiceWebsite > CommerceDataExchangeRealtimeService. right click > switch to content view. right click Service.svc then click browse. the browser should open with no error message).

you should do some configuration on HQ, Retail > Setup > Chanel Integration > Real-time Service Profile , fill with correct data.

i think this link will be very helpful: