Need SQL User cals for Dynamics Nav 4.0 if we are using Native database

Hi Friends,

Please let me know, Even If we are using Native Database, still we need to have the SQL Server & SQL user cals? I have been instructed by someone to buy the sql user cals for dynmics nav. But i have told them that I am using Native database only and there is nothing is been used on SQL. Please advice me.

Thanks in Advance

No you do not. As you state, you are not using SQL.

Thanks for your support. by the way, Microsoft ppl was telling me that we have to have MS Sql server for the Dynamics Nav 5.0, but i have explained them that we are using native c/side database. How do i proof them that i don’t use MS SQL for our database. Any idea?? I can find only MS SQL Server express edition and the MS SQL server native client versions on my server. I have never seen the MS SQL management studio. Pls give me an idea.

Thanks a lot.


The person you are talking to at Microsoft seems to be misinformed. One way to show which database you are using, is to show which of the NAV client executables you are running.