Need some advise guidlines about import/export of order and products from Navision


I am involved in a project that have folowing purpose.

Import/export of Orders, Products data, orderhistory between a WebShop and navision.

I did sett up the navision and NAS.

I have a .NET application that can communicate with Navision by MSMQ( this work properly).

My idea is to build a XML object that could include orders for instance that can be send to my .NET application and back to Navision.

I have some knowledge about Codeunit and Navision.

My problem is that I do not know how to access proper object in Codeunit to build my XMLobject, for instance Ordertable if there is such things!?

There are a lot of ready to use Codeunit that perhaps be useful to look at and learn some thing, any suggestion!?

Any Idea?

First question:

What Navision version are you using ?

For 4.0 you can use the XMLPort object type

For all version you can use the XMLDOM automation server

I am using 4.0 SP2.

May be I did not explain my problem in a proper way, What I did asked for is the following, if there is such order or customer object/ table in Navision that I can retrieve data which I ca n use this to build my XML object in my Codeunit to send back to my .NET application!?

May be I did think in wrong way as I am a .NET developer.

By the way ,where can I read about XMLPort!? may be amoung Navision documentaion!!!



in the application design guide there’s a chapter about how u can use xmlport.

There’s a msdn document, probably written before xmlports, that shows some example on how to use xmldom, how to populate it and send it to a .net app.

Since u alreade got the .net <-> nav communication to work maybe u could have a look at my question whitch i posted just after yours.