Need Navision Powerpoint Demo for developers

Need Navision Powerpoint Demonstration for developpers and administrators Thanks

I need a million dollars so I can retire :slight_smile: Could you be a little more specific about what you want to do?

Daniel, can you retire with a million dollars? [:D]

I want to do a demonstration for Technical people (Programmers, administrators, It Professional,…) regarding Navision Structure, Database, Objects Coding, interface with third Party, and how easy is development under Navision C/AL [;)] Do you have any presentation file in Powerpoint or else Thank you

What about the (ok, simple) Flash presentations on:


Originally posted by Peter Willemse
Daniel, can you retire with a million dollars? [:D]

Sure I can, couldn’t do many fancy things, but I could retire with a million bucks [8D] Of course two million would be better, but one would suffice.

Send me a US dollar and I will send you your 1 million turkish lira. :)~