Need Navision 2.60 C/ODBC Drivers

I’m trying to help a client out who has Navision 2.6.0b with a valid license for C/ODBC. But, they’ve never had to use it before, and they can’t find the installer for it. They don’t even have the original media anymore, just a custom made backup CD (which didn’t contain all the original directories, nor did it contain the C/ODBC). I called Microsoft, gave them the license information, they verified the client was licensed for the C/ODBC, but because it’s so old, they don’t support it anymore and can’t (won’t) give the driver. I called the local Microsoft Navision person and they won’t help since we’re not using them for the integration.

So, I’m really stuck here. Any ideas where I could get the C/ODBC driver for 2.6.0 given the client doesn’t have the original installation disc anymore?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, Cris, and welcome to forum!

Your only hope is, tha maybe some forum member still has in “archive” such old version and will share it here in Downloads - the oldest CODBC I have is 3.7, which I put there in similar situation some time ago, but with 2.6.0 I can’t help… Maybe Erik has it - he somehow mentioned he hasn’t thrown out anything and he is in Navision for long time enough he might have it…

You’re right. I’m really hoping someone out there has the 2.6 C/ODBC drivers and will share them. I also wish Microsoft would give download links to some of the tools. I realize this version is 9 years old, and that they don’t support it anymore. Not supporting it as far as security updates, or technical support is one thing, but it would still be nice if they provided old download links. Let’s not forget, XP is nearly 9 years old too, and download links are still available for tools for that from Microsoft.

But, I don’t want to get sidetracked on Microsoft’s case. All I need is to be lucky enough, that someone out there who still has 2.6 reads this post and has the ability and desire to post it on these forums.

Or, if anyone else has any ideas as to where I could get it, I’d be one super happy camper!


The reason not providing them is simple - such doesn’t exist, as this was before-Microsoft era, even before Navision-Darmgaard (original Axapta vendor) join…

Oh, I thought the 2.6 version I was looking at said Microsoft – but I wasn’t there very long, and I certainly could have mis-remembered it.

In any event, I still need the 2.6.0b C/ODBC drivers. At this point, I’d be willing to pay anyone $100 for their time to post them if they have them. I can pay via PayPal, or whatever method you want. My client just wants to get this working, and Microsoft is not being helpful since the product is so old (i.e. unsupported now).

Or, if you guys have any suggestions, I’m open.


Hi Chris,

Just uploaded it here

And you don’t even have to pay me for it. [:D]
We’re here to help each other, not to benefit from others missery.
I’m sure any donation to the forum will be greatly appreciated though. [;)]

That worked great!

I’ll make a $100 contribution to the forums in your name.

Thanks again!

What’s the link to the donation page?

Yes Alexander is a hero!

Here is the Donation Page.

If you have any questions please let me know! [:)]

Hi Chris,

I am in the similar situation which you faced earlier.

I need navision 2.60b (US) database, I have tried Microsoft, DUG and mibuso but could not get from none of them.

Do you have this database, if yes can you please help me.


Dhan Raj Bansal

Hi Dhan,

I have a GB version is that is of use to you.

Hi Dave,

Thanks for offering helping hand.

In fact the idea is to compare the customized version with the corresponding base version and then upgrade the database to NAV2009.

I believe GB version will not serve the purpose because the database used by client is US version, but I will let you know If I need GB version.

I hope some DUG user might have the US version of that database (In fact even I had it, but once I was running short of space in my external hard disk and then I deleted it [8-)]).

Thanks again

PS: Can you upload the GB version in download section of this website, so that in future whosoever need it, can download it from there?

You can download the US database versions back to Navision Financials 1 from Partner Source. But only the US versions!


Do you have the complete CD/ DVD, I mean even the installer. If yes, then please give it to me (upload in the download section).

Hi Dhan,

Sorry for the late reply - I’ll have a look in the office tomorrow.

Hi Dhan,

I only have a client directory - is that enough for you?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the reply.

I got the complete CD from somewhere, and will upload it tomorrow.

Anyway, thanks again

Hi Guys,

I am in a similar situation. My client uses Navision 4.0 SP3. Can you please confirm if this CODBC driver for 2.6 would work with 4.0 or if anybody can help me by providing the same. Any help would be highly appreciated.

I have looking for it for some time now but no result.




Hi Murtaza,

The C/ODBC driver for NAV 2.60 will not work together with NAV 4.0 SP3. You need to get the C/ODBC driver from the Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3 product dvd.

HI Erik,

Thanks for the response. This is the first response i have received in past 10 days to my requests that I have been posting on different forums. My client has lost their media DVD/CD but I have confirmed that they have licenses for C/ODBC and C/Front. If you like, I can email you their license no. as well or the details of their licenses. I am in fix and would appreciate any support.


Murtaza Khan

Hi Murtaza,

You need to login to Microsoft Partnersource. Last time I checked they still allowed you to download NAV 4.0 SP3.

Licenses for NAV are not on the media, but is a separate file you receive from Microsoft and which you import into the database.