need name of account type table

I am a software engineer working on a linkage product to enable that retrieves Navision data. I’ve been quite sucessful so far, at reading transaction and dimension data, but cannot find the table that contains the textual names of the Account Type in $G_L Account for display purposes. That is, the type codes listed in $G_L Account are integers, and I need the names of these account types (e.g. Customer, Vendor, Bank Account, etc., similar to Dimension Value, but for accounts). I need the name of the actual SQL table (eg $table name listed in SQL Server Management Studio), as I am accessing the data directly using SQL Server. I apologize in advance for asking what should be an elementary question, I’m not a Navision developer per se, so this may seem like a “novice” question. but I’m been scanning the Navision blogs and websites and user guides for hours, not able to get anything close.


Jonathan Campbell, software engineer

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If you are asking for G/L Account Name then It will be stored in G/L Account table only along with No…the field name is NAME…

In SQL Server [CRONUS International Ltd_$G_L Account]

Thanks, but that’s not what I’m asking. I need the names of the ineteger values in the Account Type column of the G_L Account table, so that I can display the account type and I can make sense of it. I can’t even find a text reference anywhere of this name/value pair collection…


Design the table in NAV. Find the field and click View–>Properties. There is one called OptionString that will show you what you want. The text values are not stored in SQL, only NAV.

Hello, Matt,

Thanks very much, in the back of my mind it’s what I expected, I guess, given that it wasn’t obvious (other tables in NAV are crystal clear, at least to a software developer). Having these names would just make the excerpts I’m preparing clearer to our customers. Since it is fixed in concrete, is it published anywhere in print?

Thanks again


Just open up NAV and go to a G/L Account Card. You can click the drop down to see all of the values.

OK, will do. Thanks again.