need name from "HRMApplication" with respective to hrmapplicationId? to fetch the applicant name from “HRMapplicantion” table with respective of hrmapplicationId.?

i have a form called “x”?

there i have two field hrmapplicationId and name.

In form “HRMApplication” i added a button called “x”.by clicking tht it will open the form “x”

along with the hrmapplicationId and name it will show the name from HRMApplication Table with respective to that HRMApplicationId.


i need the country name from HRMApplicationTable.

plz reply the query along wid ur mobile num and personal mail tht i can clear some other dobuts as m a fresher in MS-AX.


in personal tab the country name is thr for tht applicant id.

i need the name in my form “x”.

Will you need the bank account to send the payment to in advance of this support?

I suggest you talk to your employer and get some training, either internal or external, you will not get personal mobile number support from a site like this (any poster please feel free to tell me I am wrong and reply with an answer, mobile phone and your persoanl email account and confirmation you are doing this for free).

Hi Adam,

I do agree with you in some aspects. But i dont agree that poster has done some mistake by writing so…may be his way of putting the things is improper. Being a free site - people will always have advantage of it - so without focusing it as a mistake - one should make them educate or else one can put some restrictions - like - this kind posts will not be considered.(It only a suggestion)

Hi satyanarayan,

When the apllicationId and Name exists in the HRMApplication form why do you wnat to show it another form 'X’

What are the data sources you are using in form ‘X’???

Hi Kranthi

I have in one given a pointer of education by stating that if they want a personal support line they are likely to pay for it. I would rather point this out than leave the posting unanswered. If you do not believe it is a mistake and acceptable to post in this manner then why did you not post your mobile number and personal email account in your reply post so they could phone you to confirm the points? Users have a massive advantage of the free wealth and experience of this site, however it should not be abused and employers should not abuse it.


i have used the same datasource called "x "for the form.

In the form x i have to show some other data for the i need the applicationId and the name, and i will disply some data against tht applicant.

my code is;

public boolean modified()
boolean ret;

HRMApplication hrmappl;
select hrmappl where hrmappl.hrmApplicationId == x.ApplicantionId;
x.ApplicantName =;

ret = super();

return ret;


as name () is datametod,its showing error

its giving error for ths place.i have done this for other like emplid,name.its working.

but for applicant, its name is not coming.




use find method…,