Need information about "Fulfillment" addOn for NAV2016


I need information about the existence of “Fulfillment” AddOn for NAV2016 - names, docs, functionality.

The main problem - it is not good to develop all points for it from scratch and it is good to buy it.

Thank you in advance.

Hi RedFoxUA

I guess you won’t get many suggestions unless you try a bit more to explain what it is you precisely need (what you mean with fulfillment) and secondly NAV 2016 is a dying horse so it would under all circomstances be more wise to search for something which is based upon NAV 2018

“Fulfillment” - I mean the AddOn for “special” warehouse logistic and I think I need something for NAV2016 [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

That didn’t help a lot. What functionality do you need?

The warehouse/logistic add-on’s I know about mostly deals with barcode/scanning, weights eventually printing special labels. But there are many out there and they are not all available everywhere. One I have used could be:

Thank you very much and I will check it.

I may write more information - I need addon (or information about addon) also which calculates the time which spend warehouse worker (I think as resource) to collect order & pack order… I think it is something like “payroll for warehouse”. It is hard to write in 1-2 sentences…

I think I know more-less convenient example - we have logistic warehouse where several vendors stores goods (it was Evon and another cosmetic brands in Ukraine). Warehouse employees collect & pack orders for Evon, second company, … and after 1 week send report - 2 employees collected 333 orders and spent 15 hours (maybe 155 hours… I don’t know real time) in total.

Maybe someone take into account capacity of bins or warehouse, etc…

I think someone already created this AddOn and to be honest I don’t want to develop anything like this from scratch…

Thank you in advance for any information for this area!

If you were already using integrated picking directly from the scanning device, then depending on how the workflow is, then you would have all the data needed, or at least a way to record it. All you need is the time when they started and ended each order pick.

I worked with a customer who had a solution which could do it, but it was only sold via a single Danish partner, so don’t think it’s available in other countries (and don’t remember which partner it was). I didn’t work with it myself.

Erik, thank you and if you “find in memory” the any Names, please, inform.