Need info on Job Jnl.-Get Phase/... CodeUnit

Hi All,

I have created a dataport that is inserting information into the Job Journal Line table. The Phase\Task\Step are not included in my import file but I do have a description which I could possibly use to find the appropriate Phase\Task\Step in the Job Budget Line table.

I noticed this codeunit when searching thru all the pre-built objects. I can not open it in design mode however due to the license.


1 - Can I call this CodeUnit from the C\AL code of the Dataport ? ( like JobBudgetLine.“Job Jnl.-Get Phase/…”(x1, x2…); )

2 - What are the parameters and return code?

I am okay with my current solution of importing all the information into the Job Journal Line table and than opening the Job Journal form to verify or modify the information, but having those 3 items possibly filled in could save me time.

Thanks in advance for any help?


Hi Stu,

My suggestion would be to pay a local developer or consultant for 30 minutes of his/her time and let them show it to you. Then you can also test it together.

If push comes to shove I will do that.

Delved in deeper to my import file and found that the descriptions are fairly generic. I have created a table and form so than can enter in the description with the proper Phase\Task\Step than use as a lookup during import.