Need help with Extended Data Type

Hi guyz need some help with Extended Data Types. I have created an EDT (PayrollPeriod) which holds payroll period.

when i create a report and i use the payrollperiod within a query range in a report am just getting the normal date calender form however i would like to only show the listing of the created payroll periods.

How can I achieve this in the report query because it seems to work ok when am using the same EDT within a form

In your declation , i guess you have declared using Transdate,

if so change it to your EDT(payrollperiod ) in declaration part of that field.

coorect me if my understanding is wrong.




i have used the EDT on declaration. the only problem is when using it to define query range in the report.

on forms its quite ok it lists only the payroll periods

Hi Kimmi,

Assuming there is a ‘PayrollPeriod’ table, under ‘PayrollPeriod’ EDT have you created relationship with PayrollPeriod table?


I have defined the relationship.

I have also tried using the Ledgerperiod table in a report it also has a PeriodStart EDT

and the same thing happens if i try to specify the date range for the ledger period then it just shows the normal

calendar form not the defined ledgerperiod this is confusing