Need Help to Installed navision 3.7 and NAV2009 on same system

Dear All,

I have database for Navision 3.7 and i want to installed Navision 3.7 ( with ABC company database with SQL ) and on the same system i want to intall NAV2009 with Cronus database with RTC and Classic Client with SQL.

So, anyone please gude me how can i install both the version and use same time.

In back end i have SQL 2005. i can install full NAV2009 with Visul Stuide and SQL and attache Navisoin3.7 database of company for ex .ABC.

So, plese guide me what should i do for this.

Thanks in advance.


Kishor Bhatt

See the following on PartnerSource.


Thanks for your reply.

But i do not have permission to login into the partnersource.

I am not working for partnersorce so i don’t have usename and password to login.


Kishor Bhatt

Hi Kishor,

Create your login here and send request to microsoft partner to add your login in your organization. (ref:

That only is valid if they are a MS/NAV Partner.

Install NAV 2009 first followed by Navision 3.7. I can’t se why that should not work out of the box.



Install the higher version first i.e. the NAV 2009 then the 3.7 version. A lower version cannot replace a higher version.

It should work. Try it!

I would simply install NAV 2009 with everything and then i would run the 3.70 from the client folder.

The problem you will face is that 3.70 is not really compatible with SQL 2005.That way you would either have to use the native database or install SQL 2000.

If it is just for testing you can do a dirty hack to make the 3.70 run on SQL 2005.

Edited to add:

nice necro…

This might work, and might not. You might find that the 3.70 install has made registry changes that break 2009.

The most reliable process is:

  1. Install 3.70
  2. Copy (don’t rename) the 3.70 folders and all files to somewhere else (eg “c:\Program files\Nav370 copy”)
  3. uninstall 3.70
  4. Install 2009
  5. Rename or copy the folder back to its original name (eg “c:\Program files\Nav370”

There are plenty of short cuts to do this easier, but if you don’t know them, then stick to this method as it is safe. You can of course install multiple versions 4.00 5.00 etc the same way. Just install copy uninstall rename in the correct sequence of each version.