Need help to convert SQL to an query object

Hi i need help to convert the following sql statement into a query object.

CustInventOwnerTable CustInventOwnerTable1, CustInventOwnerTable2;
InventTable inventTable;


select *
from inventTable
notexists join CustInventOwnerTable1
where (inventTable.ItemId == CustInventOwnerTable1.ItemId)
notexists join CustInventOwnerTable2
where (CustInventOwnerTable1.ItemId == CustInventOwnerTable2.ItemId) && CustInventOwnerTable2.CustomerId == “1203”

must be convertet into

Query query = new Query();
QueryBuildDataSource dsInventTable;
QueryBuildDataSource dsCustInventOwnerTable1, dsCustInventOwnerTable2;

but im stuck.

can anyone please help ?

best regards


Hi Henrik,

I am not sure why you want to write such a query. In any case, please refer to these excellent articles -!1pSdP2obR2ikOOO-PgM1IvGA!148.entry

Hope this helps,