Need help regarding address

Hi Guys,

I am building a custom query, which will eventually be used to build AIF Service that spits out customized XML of Invoice.

I need to include addresses such as delivery, Bill To & Sold To.

Can any one plz tell me which address tables and joins that needs to be used to get any one of the above addressess?

Thanks in Advance.

Look at TableCollections\DirPartyCollection to see a big group of tables that relate. You will need tables like Address, DirPartyTable, CustTable, etc. They join on PartyId, AddrTableId, AddrRecId. There is a ton of relating information, but it sounds like you really only need some of the address info.

Thanks Alex for your reply. I only have 2 items in my table collections node. Batch & Centralized payments.

I am using ax 2012. Do you think this might be installation problem?

Is there any other way that i can find the relation between the address tables? Thanks

Have look a at this,


The table ‘LogisticsPostalAddress’ holds postal addresses. And the table ‘LogisticsElectronicAddress’ holds electronic addresses such as email, fax etc.