need help on this error {account type must be posting in G/L account no. ='14060'}


anyone can help me on this error

account type must be posting in G/L account no. ='14060’

im handling a integration between nav 5.0 and silverlake core system when i do a grabbing of batch file from silverlake this error comes out.

any advice. Thanks

Hi Michael,

may be this account is being used for some transactions somewhere, thats this error comes try to change the type from heading or begin total or end total to Posting from G/L account card

or maybe the CheckGLAcc fuction on the G/L Account is called !!!

Premjeet is correct, you are trying to import transactions into an account in NAV that is not setup to take transactions, it could be a header or begin total. This indicates your COA is setup incorrectly in NAV if the external COA is collecting transactions in that account.