Need HELP on Production Interview Questions

Dear all,

I’m new to AX and I’ve 3 years experience in one small manufacturing company and wish to become as AX Production Functional Consultant and just recently started learning AX - Production. Now I’m preparing for Interviews on AX.

Can anyone help me to get some AX Production related Interview Questions please.

I appreciate your HELP!

Ganesh B

Instead i will suggest you to go through the manuals and post the queries here? I believe there are no fixed set of questions for interviews. If you are through with manuals and have good domain knowledge then you will crack the interviews.

Good Luck!!!

Thank you Pranav K

Yes as you suggested I’m preparing with MS manuals now and If interviewer ask me about my domain (manufacturing) i can explain him. But some basic interview questions might be their right which related to AX Production. Those I’m looking at it. Production is huge concept and it won’t end-up in few topics and thr might b few questions which we can treat as mandatory questions related to Production.

I’m going through with manuals as well as this portal to find Production related queries but their will be so many scenarios related to production which can help me prepare well.

If you guys have some base & mandt questions, please share here so that it will help others too like me people who are entering into AX world.

Ganesh B