Need help on how to concatenate two product attribute values


I need to be able to concatenate a two product attribute values from the EcoRestTextValue. I have a query where in I provided the range for the EcoResAttribute.Name field. The query is being used in a View and the View is being called in a list page. Here is how the query looks in AOT.

But it returns two rows in the view as it supposed because of the two ranges as it returns two values. I am trying to concatenate the two values and just return in the one column. For example if the Finish color returns ‘Red’ and the Finish color-back attribute returns ‘Blue’ then instead of the View returning these in two different with rest of the columns with the same data, I want to be able to concatenate both values ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ in one column (Finish colors) as Red blue. So that way my list page displays both values in just one column and not in the two rows. Any inputs how can I go about it?


You’ll need to remove EcoResAttribute from your query, because it gives you one record for each attribute, which you don’t want. You’ll need to fetch and concatenate attributes in T-SQL code in a computed column.