Need help on back order process

I need to implement auto back order process in Navision. If quantity on hand is less than order quantity then while posting sales order, only items available in stock should be invoiced and rest of the items should be back ordered. Navision post sales order even inventory goes in negative. This can be done manually by setting “quantity to ship” to zero but this is time consuming and inefficient to check inventory of each item and change it to zero. Example: Customer ordered 15 items, at the time of posting sales order there are only 5 items. “Quantity to ship” should automatically be changed to 5 instead of 15. Is there any way to automate this process at the time of posting sales order? Thanks Nauman [?]

I guess I have to modify code unit 80 “sales-post” to check the “quantity on hand” and initialize quantity to ship variables. “Qty. to Ship” := 0; “Qty. to Ship (Base)” := 0; I need help how to check “quantity on hand” in the “sales-post” module ? Thanks Nauman

You may want to consider defaulting the quantity to ship to zero and then having a process to update the order quantities - in this way you can filter and “juggle” stock, expediting orders etc. Then you pick the goods, ship the correct quantity and invoice correctly.

Thanks Steven. I will try your solution.

I know exactly what you are talking about. Navision’s base sale order was not what we needed. We had to do a mod to get this correct. Not only did we take into consideration how much was left instock but we also had to figure how many of that item was already allocated on open orders. ex/ Qty on hand = 10 Qty allocated on other orders = 7 *Qty on new sales order = 5 *it would automatically change the qty to ship to 3 and leave qty ordered at 5. this way we can show on our invoice that they did order 5 but we only shipped 3.

OH, so on any new orders the allocated amount matches the qty on hand and the system checks this and automatically places a zero in our qty to ship field.

This should happen during post I believe. Otherwise, Inventory can be different on the day order post than the day Order was created. You can makes changes in codeunit 80, to check the “Qty. to Ship” with the inventory for each line. I think according to Nauman’s requirement, he just need the Inventory (Qty. on Hand) not the Qty on the sales order. Naveen Jain

Have a look at “Inventory pickings”. If you create the Inventory picking just before picking the goods from the warehouse, I think you will get what you are looking for (only available quantities will be suggested).

Hi, We did this in a slightly different way (but much like H Ruiz). We calculate a free to sell quantity by taking inventory in non-quarantine locations and deducting any qty. to ship for that item. Then, when the user enters a quantity in a sales order, the system checks the free-to-sell for the item and if available, sets the quantity to ship. If there is insufficent free-to-sell, the user gets a prompt as to whether we wants to backorder just the short amount or the full whack. If there is no stock, the qty. to ship on that line is simply blanked. Then we modified the requisition worksheet to work with this modification as well and generally it now works really well. You can easily make the free-to-sell field available on the item card so users can have 100% live info with regards to stock and reservations. Overall, with testing about a days work for an experienced developer and pretty much bullet proof. Regards Meint

Hi All, You could use this approach. 1. Create a New Field in the Sales Order Line to a flag which can Set and on a proceedure the user will trigger before posting. 2. This proceedure can be both User or Auto based on the time constraints for the user. 3. Do not post the Lines which have the Flag set as False. 4. Upon executing the procedure the system will fill or reset the Quantity to Ship. And the remaining Back order can be sent to a Requisition Line and create a reservation for that line against the Sales Lines. But this type of automation often is very complex for operations. What if there is stock in another location? the user will ask you if you can post those automatically. What if the Stock at the time of calculating inventory was reserved? and the user would ask can you reset the reservation on a priority etc. Dealing with such requirements requires you to set or rather aggree on some rules for the automation process.

Hi Guys, I appreciate your feedback. I will try different solutions. Someone on this board mentioned that we could use the function that is used in “Form 342 Check Availability” to get the accurate quantity for shipping in “sales-post” code unit. Thanks Nauman