Need Help in Grid


I am having two grids and two tables. One table is filled with values which are shown in Grid 1 and another table is Empty. Pls can any one guid me as how i can copy selected records from one grid and store into another table and then display only selected records into 2nd Grid.

I tried using Insert_Recordset but i am not able get the selected records saved in another table. I am getting confused in the naming conventions and concepts. My table names are TempCustHimanshu & TempSelectedCustomer.I have drag and drop this two tables in Datasource.

In form button i am defining

TempCustHimanshu CustList1,List1;

TempSelectedCustomer SelectedCustomer;

I am using CustList1 to insert data from form into database in table TempCustHimanshu using Insert() . I am using List1 to get all the marketedRecords from the grid.

How can i get selected rows from Grid 1 and save it in Database in tempSelectedCustomer table and then show it in Grid2.

Thanks in advance for your help.