Need help for bank reconciliation

I posted a bank transfer for our bank account. I chose the right account type and accout number. I could see the transaction on the detailed trail balance sheet after I posted. However, when I did my bank reconciliation, I could not find the transaction. Please let me know why and how to fix it. Thanks a lot!

Hey Jill, Welcome to the forum.

In the journal, did you post the transaction to bank accounts or to G/L accounts?

  • Account Type: Bank Account
  • Bal. Account Type: Bank Account


  • Account Type: G/L Account
  • Bal. Account Type: G/L Account

To see the transaction in the bank rec. you would have had to post the transaction to the bank accounts. As for the fix, reverse the transaction and repost using Account Type and Bal. Account Type of Bank Account.

Hello DigiTeckid,

I posted the transaction to bank account type, that is why I am so frustrated. Our Navision technician is on vacation. I have nobody to consult with. Thank you so much for your reply.

Could you let me know if I should check from other areas? Should I refresh the lines on bank recon.? I did the bank reconciliation for last Dec. and our fiscal year end is Nov.09. I just took this job from the previous accountant. We are much behind and I tried to catch up. Could you give me some advices? I really appreciate your help.

You should see it on the Deposits/Transfers tab. Only the transaction for the bank account you’re doing the reconcillation for will show up.

Make sure the date of the transfer is within the date of the bank rec. you’re working on. Also make sure it’s not on another bank rec. you’ve maybe been playing with. Try putting the document number for the transfer in the Suggest Lines function and see if you can bring it in that way.