Need an alert based on System date and time

hi guys,

I need to provide an alert to the client when the system time is 10:30 , 3:30 and 7: 30…

To do this is there any solution … Pls Guide me…


if you want to create alert run in specific time do the following:

go to Basic -->periodic area → Alerts → Due date alerts

and the the new form will appear to you have to modify the recurrence to put the date and time for the run and the end date …etc

and then check on the batch processing and choose the batch group from the drop down list and then click OK

you can set up the recurrence at any time you need

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Hi ahmed,

Tnks for ur reply…

I have no idea regarding creation of batch groups to provide the batch group …

can u guide me…

from my understanding you want to know how to create batch group to choose it in batch group in the due date job

go to administration → setup–>batch group

and then in the first tap click new and create the group put any name you want

and from the second tap choose you server that the job will running on this server

and then you need to add this batch to the server

Administration → Setup → Server configuration

choose the tap called : batch server groups

and then select your batch group

and from overview select your server

and from batch server schedule create new and put the maximum batch threads