Need additional field same as serial no in item tracking in nav 2009 r2

Hi Friends,

I need one field same as serial no in Tracking Specification. And that should be flow item ledger entry & entry summary tables at posting time.

Ex:- The field name is Serial No 1. At item level in item tracking need Serial No1 tab. and also while select this option. System should not encourage any transaction with out serila no1 information for that particular item.

And also doesn’t allow duplicates.

Finally serial no1 should behave same as serial no.

Can any one please help me what are the code changes and relevant setups ASAP.

This is very urgent requirement

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

This is not the place for “it’s urgent, please program this for me. sort of request”. If you take the time to describe the approach you are considering, then other users may likely try to assist and point you in a right direction.

If you truly don’t know where to begin here, then I’d suggest you contract with a NAV partner or independent consultant to develop the solution for you.

hear, hear!

Should you go in No.Series and create those new serial field so if you place some tracking number it will be different and it will not allow duplicates. in No. series look up for LOT No. Series… I hope those would help

Well said. That’s one of the issues with separating the spec guy from the coder. Never understod how this is going to work in an efficient manner. Either the spec guy (“functional consultant”) has to describe every detail on what is to be coded, effectively writing pseudo code (and say “screw this, I’ll look for another job, this is ridiculous”), or the coder knows about the business logic and can figure it out himself. And might also look for a better paying job, since he can make a living as a functional consultant :wink:

In order to make your new field behave just like the standard field, you’ll probably need eye-level access to all of the code associated with granule 4140 Item Tracking. This access to code is necessary because it’s the only way you’ll know what processes need to be replicated for the new field. To start with, you may want a list of all of the objects in granule 4140, so you’ll know where you need to look for code and process flow. You can probably get that from PartnerSource or CustomerSource.

I’m also trying to understand what your business case is. If we accept what you’re saying at face value, then we might be able to conclude that your item can have more than one serial number. Is that the case? If not, then is it the case that you’re hoping to use your custom field “Serial No. 1” instead of the standard “Serial No.” field? If so, why? License issues maybe?