NDT & Upgrade ToolKit for Nav 2009 SP1

Dear all,

Kindly reply these questions :-

  1. What NDT version should I use to migrate the Database objects from Nav 4.0 SP1 to Nav 2009 SP1 ?

  2. What Upgrade ToolKit version should I use to migrate Data from Nav 4.0 SP1 to Nav 2009 SP1 ?

Note: - I’m using IN version Database

If you have any suggestion on it please share it. Thanks in Advance. [;)]

  1. I should say the latest: NDT_v3.01.410, although you need to create a NAV 2009 database (and not NAV 2009 SP1)

  2. Upgrade Toolkits (UPGTK) are in general only provided from the latest service pack of a major version to the current (released) version. So in your case there would be UPGTK for 4.0 SP3 to NAV 209 SP1. You will need to upgrade your 4.0 SP1 to 4.0 SP3 first (and probably through 4.0 SP2) before you can upgrade to NAV 2009 SP1.

Both tools can be found on PartnerSource

Sorry to say that my application database is in Sp3.

As I understand you:

Toolkit database is in Nav 2009 and I have to import

A) Nav 4.0 SP3 all objects (Base)

B) Client DB all object

C) Nav 2009 SP1 all object (Base)

In the Toolkit DB