NDT only with Attain objetcs ?

Can i use Navision Dev toolkit with objects from 2.60 database ?? i try this but certains CU are truncated !!

The best way to accomplish this goes like this: 1. Make a backup (fbk) of your 2.60 objects (in 2.60). 2. Create an new empty database in 3.01. 3. Restore the 2.60 backup into this new database. 4. Export all objects as text. 5. Import the text file into Dev. Toolkit. This should do it. You may still get some errors while importing into the Dev. Toolkit. I have had problems with some dataports which have had a lot of code and many dataitems. This is not very bad since Dev. Toolkit doesn’t stop the import on errors. /Pauli

I have made some tests and i found the trouble : With the Codeunit begining by IF there are a IF THEN in 2.60 but a IF THEN BEGIN in 3.01. So when i import the CU, NDT don t reconnize the IF without the BEGIN, and the CU was truncated. I tell that to the support and i wait a reponse.