$ndo$shadow password

In SQL-server I have copied a Navision database from one server to another using DTS export and import. The application role $ndo$shadow could not be copied, so I had to create that manually. I left the password blank. Everything seemed to work fine when I tested. But when users try to log on to Navision they get an error about incorrect password for $ndo$shadow. Please help! How can I set correct password for $ndo$shadow ?? Fredrik Gustafsson

Have found out that you can change password on an application role with sp_approlepassword. The password for $ndo$shadow is set by the Navision client when a new database is created. So all I need to know now to get things working is the password the Navision client is using for application role $ndo$shadow. Anyone who knows what it is? I think the password the Navision client is using is stored in $ndo$dbproperty.shadowpwd , but is surely encrypted. regards Fredrik Gustafsson

You cannot obtain this password. It is generated on the fly at database creation time and is then encrypted. Instead, what you should do when DTS’ing from one database to another is to create the target database in Attain - just an empty database without restoring anything into it. You will have a few system tables only. This will correct a correct application role and the encrypted password held in $ndo$dbproperty. Then, when you DTS you ommit the $ndo$dbproperty table from the copy list. You should choose to overwrite the other tables that are already there.