NavTool Sourceanalysingtool

This is the newest version of these powerful tool to analyse your cal/source code. Why?

  • Highspeed 4 Sec compared to 120 sec with DevelopToolkit. - Searchfunction with regular expressions, … This function is similar to DevelopToolkit - analyse unused sum index field - analyse unused variables - analyse unused functions - analyse unused table fields - analyse Table reference problems - analyse Field reference problems - analyse only once used variables - analyse local = global variables - analyse double IDs (after merge is very useful) - split objects to separate files - search all fields, all tables in a specific range of numbers. - Modul - simply Analyse your license - what is free, what is free and the linked object doesn´t exist. - watch and protocol the changes to a navision server - no installation New in Version 4.3 - Search a in specific range of Numbers. e.g. all objects and TABLEFIELDS in the range 50000…60000. You´ll like this functions to structure your code in moduls etc. - Search PageName-Problems. This error is not detected by navision compiler - so especially in applications including more than one language this is indispensable. - OnlineAnalyse is now able to export the results in a file, that can be read by ccaps generator. You can easily license hundred´s of objects in a few seconds. - A new view is integrated: CompareView: Your´re now able to compare two databases and get the different objects listed. A further function can mark these objects in both databases. So you´ll be able to mark the objects in the objectdesigners of both databases and easily export, save the concerning objects. We tried to use Development Toolkit, but there are a lot of problems with it and so a lot of external partners and a lot of our own developers use this tool and are very sophisticated with it. Try it! if you like to test these get the free demoversion at or direct from