Navsion on Unix IBM

I want to install navision financials on IBM UNIX platform. What is the minimum hard configuration to do it? sebastien

Do you mean IBM AIX? Or their old Unix for the Intel platform?

It’s an IBM AIX. my custumer have actually an IBM risc 6000 with 16 Mo RAM and a hard disk 1 Go.

my custumer have actually an IBM risc 6000 with 16 Mo RAM and >a hard disk 1 Go. 16 megs of RAM, and a 1-gig hard drive? That really doesn’t sound like enough RAM or disk space to run Navision effectively. Tell them to get more memory before installing Navision. Yes, it’s not cheap to add more memory— but the software itself costs roughly US$10k-$50k to install (that’s E10k-E50K for those of you in Euroland), and in comparison the extra memory costs virtually nothing. --Tim Horrigan ------- Tim Horrigan

It’s also important to know what IBM RISC 6000 your customer have. IBM has been manufacturing the IBM RISC 6000 for 10 years now and as you know the technology has changed a lot in that period. And if you only has 16 MB of RAM, then to me it sounds like an outdated model that you really should use for a production server (a test server maybe). But then again that depends. For a start - just try it and install it on the R6000, if you can do it with out big costs to you. If it works then fine. The customer might be better of with a cheap PC with a lot of RAM. Please keep us posted on the results. ============ Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group