Navsion 4.0

Dear All, Has someone already implemented the latest release of Navision 4.0? Any experiences you would like to share (is it stable and robust? or are there still some sofwtare bugs?); Accroding to soem rumours, MBS would launch a service pack in Q3 to improve performance of Navision 4.0. Has someone more info? Gert

I have one full installation of 4.0 (small customer, 10 clients). Everything seems to be working quite ok (but they don’t use inventory mgt). I have another client that we just upgraded their executables to 4.01, and things seem to be working ok even their. There are a couple of minor things that you have to be aware of (they are all described in the 4.0 documentation), the biggest thing being the permission changes. We had to add a lot of permission after the 4.0 upgrade, which wasn’t necessary before. From what I have heard the service pack will mainly consist of fixes for costing issues. Exactly what that means, I have no idea. We are waiting for that though, before we will go live with clients that utilize inventory mgt (and other costing related functionality, like item charges) before we will go live with a another 4.0. Regards Daniel

I just installed 4.0 – 25 user system. This client went with most of the standard granules - including Inventory/Sales Order Processing. For the most part their business processes are what I would call simple. Much of the out of the box functionality sufficed. Where we had to configure Navision to meet specific processes we were generally changing the appearance of underlying data to something they were used to seeing (forms/reports). Not many changes to code units or how data moves through Navision. They also had a credit card add-on (Lanham/ICVerify). This installation took some time and can be a bit tricky. But it does work. We also had a sales tax add-on (I’m not sure which provider built this one). The sales tax piece has some holes (lack of GST/multiple groups). But again, it will work for this client with a couple work around steps. Navision itself has been very stable – biggest pain is security. The synchronization (we are on SQL) can take some time. I would say the only thing I wish Navision did out of the box is put all shortcut dimensions onto the g/l entry table. It is still only the two global dimensions. This client uses four dimensions and will report on all four in the g/l area. Dimension total and summary report are ugly and weak. It was roughly a 6 month project and it has been pretty clean. Client put much effort into training (3 months) and testing. They also had strong management presence in the total project. Hope this is useful information -

John. From which version did you migrate?