NaviWep - No drop-down box after migration

Dear All,

I am completly new to Navision and dynamics and I have encountered this particular problem.

Recently we migrated the Navision and Naviwep ( hours\expences) entry web system to new network. NawiWep application seems to be working more or less but for some reason users are not able to use drop down boxes\lists within the application.

They use it to enter specific expense type or to filer results.

Has anyone encounter this problem before and maybe know the fix for it.


Hi Marcin,

Welcome to the Dynamics User Group!

Are you getting any errors?

I would suggest you look at permission of the user not retreiving the data (as I suspect you may have a new domain)- have you syncronised the users?

Dear User,

I have looked at the permissions but I might have missed something.

It’s just that all users can’t use the drop-down box, and it worked perfectly before migration. But we haven’t changed permissions. I will have another look and let you know.