Navition C/ODBC connection with VB.NET

Hi All, i’m doing a new project on VB.NET linking to navision database.So i was creating a datasource linke to Navision ODBC,when i did it give me first ,than i press next so it’s now trying to retrieve tables it give this message <An error occured while retrieving the information from the database: Column ‘TABLE_CAT’ doest not belong to table tables.>then i put cancel than i try again it put this message <An error occured while retrieving the information from the database: ERROR[S0000][Microsoft Business Solutions ApS][Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision ODBC Driver]ISAM Error the driver doesn’t support the version of ODBC Behavior that the application requested(see SLSetEnvAttr)>.please if anyone can help so urgent.thx alot

Which ODBC driver are you using? The old version or the updated 4.0 version? Django

I’m Navision CODBC 3.70(RTL 1) Version :3.69.997.12845

Are you connecting to a native database or an MS-SQL database? What your error message is saying is that your program has asked the ODBC driver to do something it doesn’t know how to do. Prior to version 4 the Navision ODBC driver what - lacking - in most areas. The new ODBC driver is supposed to be level 2 compliant (or pretty close). You might have to really simplify what you are asking the ODBC driver to do. Also check your ODBC settings to make sure that you are converting spaces to periods or underscores, etc. You could try turning on the ODBC Driver Trace and see what command your application is sending to the driver that it doesn’t like. Otherwise you might try C/OCX or C/Front for your application. Regards, Django

hi, I think that your version of ODBC is not the same that you database. Try to use Excel to retrieve the item table if you got the same problem, that mean that your version of odbc if older than you database. Regards.

Hi,all.Thx for trying to helping me.Just today i tried to get data from Mcrosoft Excel and it’s working without any problem.Aslo guy,i had the first error in my datasource while getting data from navision that there’s an error <An error occured while retrieving the information from the database: Column ‘TABLE_CAT’ doest not belong to table tables.>This is the error i get before getting problem with ODBC message.Did anybody tried to create a datasource in VB.NET connected to NAvision 3.7 or not.

I forgot to mention something guys,i tried the same way with VB 6.0 and everything working fine without any error.So i’m sure no problem between versions of ODBC and database,it’s something concerning VB.NET not else.IF anyone can try to create a datasource in VB.NET from navisions 3.7 and tell me if he get any error message plz.Thx in advance for ur help guys

We’ve had the exact same problem writing an interface here. It looks like the odbc version in is not compatible with c/odbc and you need to have n/odbc (the new version). You’re other option is to not use and use a language with an older odbc interface. Thanks, Ian

I tried the new version also long time before and also the same problem.i think this is a problem related to VB.NET[V]

Have you tried turning on the ODBC tracing? It should show you what the .NET provider is asking the n/c/ODBC driver. Perhaps there is a setting you can change from the .NET side to ‘simplify’ the request. Django

We resolved this for our purposes. C/ODBC doesn’t work with the standard system odbc tools in VB.NET. What you have to do is reference the ADODB tools from VB6 and it will let you connect. We actually wrote the code in VB6 and then imported it into VB.Net and it worked fine. We were then able to write the rest of the app in VB.Net. Ian

Right - what Ian wrote is what I was thinking. The .NET provider is probably too advanced or you’ve used a setting (perhaps cursorlocation or something else) that the n/odbc driver truly doesn’t support. I’d go with Ian’s suggestion to get things working. Importing ADO kind of defeats the purpose of writing in .NET…

Ah thx guys,i think this is the best solution.i’ll try it in monday as far as i’m not going to work in weekend.In all cases thx guys for ur suggestions