Navison: Citrix with or without VPN

Please help! We have some doubts about VPN and Citrix. We should have Navision clients on remote locations. If we use VPN, do we need Citrix, or vice versa… Please explain. TNX

VPN just create a tunnel over internet between your two locations. I think you won’t have enough band width if you run Navision just over VPN, so you will need Citrix (or Terminal Server, depending on the number of users) to run it properly. We are using VPN and Terminal Server to connect with 2 small locations (5 and 3 clients) and two home workers, and it works ok. Hope that helps.

Like Jesús said - VPN savely connects your locations over the internet. Your bandwidth over the internet is normally not sufficient to run a group of Navision-Clients (Navision is a VERY thick client). Thus you will want to use a Terminal-Software. This means your application is running on a server inside your intranet and remote locations use in a terminal-session, as this needs much less bandwidth. There are several ways to run your application in a terminal-session. Using the Windows-Terminal-Server: W2KServer is quite cheap because there are no client-licenses needed. Faster and more reliable is W2003Server - but you will have to purchase client licences. There are a lot of improvements in W2003 Terminal-Server which you should check out. Using Citrix: the base for that also is windows terminal server (for the latest Citrix presentation server you need W2003). VERY expensive but a lot of goodies: fast (has the best protcol), reliable, needs smaller bandwidth, offers load-balancing on “normal” windows-servers, better printing, published applications, works with almost all client-OS, … If you do not need the above at all and your connections are fast, then i would first try Terminal Server 2003 alone. Using Tarantella: almost the same than Citrix (80%), also uses Windows Terminal Server. Has nothing like the ICA protocoll of Citrix, but uses the protocol of windows. Much cheaper that Citrix. But i only would think about it if you have a experienced tarantelle-partner around. Using Citrix without VPN. You could set up a Citrix System which runs over the internet using a browser-interface on the client side. But you would have to set up an Internet-Server inside your company for that. We run Citrix with 65 users on W2003 Server and connect our users through VPN. Lot of them (40+) with dial in connections (ISDN) with very nice performance.

Thanks a lot guys this really help us!

Hi Has Anyone experience with Jetro ? Nico