Navison 5 smtp

I have just upgraded from Navison 4 to 5.

I want to start using the smtp function in Nav 5

How do I stop Navison using IMAP and Outlook and use SMTP instead

You need to use codeuint 400 — SMTP Mail

Sorry abit new to this, can you tell me how to do this

Test this

open new form and 1 button

create variable … datatype = codeunit … subtype = 400

on push

your variable.CreateMessage(SenderName,SenderAddress,Recipients,Subject,Body,True)

your variable.send

before send you must go to form 409 to define your smpt mail setup

Where do I find the form 409 to setup the smtp mail

Go to Administation >>> IT Administation >>> General setup >>> SMTP Mail Setup

I have put info in there.

SMTP Server : mymailserver

Authentication : NTLM

How Navison know to use SMTP and not IMAPI

Codeunit 400

this codeunit make NAV use SMTP

Authentication : Basic

User ID : your id

Password : your password

Will Navison pick up UserID and password?

As I have 300 users using Navsion

No you must define user ID and password

Does this mean every user has to login to Navison and setup there smtp connection

This there anyway of importing these settings

No any user can send mail with this setup

user id and password to access on SMTP server and you define the sender name and sender adderss in code

Sorry about this can I just clarify.

If I goto object designer then to codeunit it shows 409

I have setup 409 smtp details.

So will Navison now use smtp and not IMAP

You mean form 409


I am getting error “email service failure”, if I open Outlook it works

Check if your fire wall or ISP are not blocking the SMTP server.

Especially when using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, the system will block all outgoing SMTP traffic except for programs listed.