Navision4 SQL security Set up.

Hi guys! I have another question. When I try to choose from the list one login that need to be used also as a windows login in Navision. This is the message that i get: “You do not have the required SQL server permissions to perform the current security activity”. When I close that box, it looks like the login is there but what is the purpose of that message as i have all permissions. ( I am the superuser in the sql database…) Please any help is appreciated.

Just like regular database logins, Windows logins must first be setup with access to the SQL Server database before you can add them to Navision.

What? I thought you simply could add the defined Windows login to Naivsion from within Naivsions interface against AD, then Syncronize them over to SQL…atleast that is what we are doing when we add new Windows Accounts to our Navision and i sure hope it works… a tip is to define Windows Groups in your Domain(AD), then add them with permissions in Naivsion with basic rights for that group. Then when you create a new user in your Domain(AD) and add them to any of these Windows Group they automatically have the access they need in Navision. We have Windows groups for Navision Sales,Navision Warehose,Naivsion Finance etc. and all we do is add new users to Windows and assign them to these groups, then they automatically have the access in Navision throgh their Windows Groups. If a user require some special permissions we will add them as individuals in Naivsion Windows accounts, and assign the permissions accordingly.

You dont say what action you’re trying to perform when you get this error; but since this error is about you not having security permissions for what you are doing, you must ensure that your login on SQL Server has the require permissions (for example it is a sysadmin, or combined securityadmin and db_owner of the database). The SUPER role in Navision has not relationship to your permissions in SQL Server. In the Installation and System Management guide it mentions what SQL roles you need to be a member of to, for example, add users in Navision.

Johan: The has always been possible in Navision, but from 4.0 onwards you always need the windows login itself included in the Navision Windows Logins, even if you dont want to grant further permissions than the group does. It is not enough to just include the group.