Navision Year End procedure

Hello, Previousely we are doing the year end in Dec-2007 at one of the client ,but now they have change their year end to March. So Is there any provision in the system to do above

How do we can post PLN Jv as it is going to be create when we are going create year at the end Dec-2007

Can we change the date of PLN Jv???



When you create a new Fiscal Year, you get a request form to enter “Starting Date”, “No. of Periods” and “Period Length”.

If your client has not yet created the new year, you could enter “Starting Date = 08/01/01”, “No. of Periods = 3” and “Period Length = 1M”.

This will create 3 new periods (January probably already exists) for February, March and April. The last period (April) will then be marked with checkmark in the field “New Fiscal Year”.

But you must ask the client how the shift in fiscal year is transformed. Sometimes people choose a short year (3 months), but it is also common to use a longer fiscal year in the transformation year (15 months).

Please turn every stone - also from a legal aspect.

But sure - you can always edit the periods created manually, but only as lon as they are not locked.