Navision World Conference 2001 - day two

I found day two of the conference much better. But first to end up day one. One of the last things they had on the program Friday (actually it wasn’t on the program but was marked with TBA - to be announced) was a session about HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING ADD-ON’s via the NaviHub. What can I say? What a joke! The business dinner in Bella Center was ok. Everyone was seated by company and/or country. But the food was as boring and ordinary as the rest of the conference. Everything tasted canned and the coffee was really not worth drinking. But Saturday was as I said better. Especially the keynote speak Jaclyn Easton. A very good subject about how to make more business online see more at I also saw more about Axapta and I must admit that the system looks great. Finally there was the galla party Saturday night at Forum arena in Copenhagen, where they had turned the whole arena in to a tent! The toast master was the British/Danish actor Wivien McKien. The entertainment was ok, but neither Wivien nor the theater troup seam to catch everyone. Most people there didn’t seam to get her humor! The band was the with Master Fatman (alias Morten Lindberg) in the lead featuring the actors Jimmy Jørgensen and Peter Mygind, as well as former teenageidol now actor Cindy Laursen and the singer and former girlfrind of the Danish Crownprince Maria Montell. A very good band playing “good old” disco hits. The only disapointment here was that it was supposed to be a “BLACK TIE” dinner, but not even CEO Preben Damgaard was wearing a black tie! The same thing applies to the dress-code in general. In the emails from Navision regarding the conference it was written that the dress code was: BUSINESS CASUAL (almost everything but suits, jeans and tshirts). But obviously this only maked any sense to people from the US, everyone else (more or less) came in regular BUSINSS (suits). Next time they should write it in terms everyone would understand. My final conclusion this conference is that the sessions where generally a waste of time, but I wouldn’t have missed it. The fact that you get to meet so many old friends and co-workers from all over the world make it worth it. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group