Navision works very slow

Hi, all HElp me with a problem Navision Attain 3.60 is installed on server 2 processors P4, Operative memory 2Gb, SCSI Raid 5 level Database is in test mode. Item table 20000 rows Production BOM Header 8000 Production BOM Line 60000 Filling of consumtion Journal from Prod. Order for 15 components is continued for 1-2 minutes Navision Perfomance table show for 1000 byte packets - 1200 packets per sec for 4000 bytes packets - 500 packets per sec How can I solve it. What should I check.[V]

when we switched from Win 98 to W2K (on client’s computer) - that made a BIG difference in the speed.

  1. RAID 5 is not recommended. Better results will be obtained when big database is divided into several database files each on separate phisical disk. 2. Network speed is very low. You need at least 100Mb network and usually you should be able to exchange 3500-5000 1000 bytes packets and more than 800 4000 bytes packets.

If it’s a native Navision database, 2 CPU’s will be of no use! CWhat are the cache settings?!?!?!?

The problem was solved. On Windoows 2000 Server administrator changed settings for buffering packets. And now all works fast. Thanks for your attention[:)]

Fi Fokin, what has your database adminstrator exactly changed ? on which server ? database server of PDC ? With parameter ? Seems interesting to know. Thanks in advance Nico