Navision working with Sharepoint

Hi Guys,

I’m wanting to know if it is possible to link NAV to a SharePoint.

A department within the company use’s a list on SharePoint to record data for callbacks, what I need it to do is when they enter an account number it pre populates defined fields on SharePoint such as Contact Name, Telephone number etc

Sure, but it depends on what version you are using as to how easy it is. You should also be aware that these users in SharePoint need to be licensed for access to NAV data. Your best bet is to get in touch with your NAV Partner / VAR and scope out a solution with them as it is more complicated than it seems.

Also, the next version of NAV is supposed to have a SharePoint client I believe, so you may want to hold out for that. I can’t remember if there was ever an official announcement but it has been in the works for a long time.

All user’s have NAV licences within the Company, so from that standpoint it isn’t an issue.

I’ll see what the developer has as a solution.

Actually…technically…you need to license them separately even if they have NAV access, as you could just put every person in the company’s name into NAV and say they have access. NAV is concurrent users, the other licenses are Named Users.

hi Richard,

Do you have WSS or Sharepoint server and what version ?

There is no such oob functionality that will do this trick for you .

There may be an addon though for Sharepoint or some development needs to be done. Look for BDC or event handlers in Sharepoint.