Navision Work Center

I have one production line which produces various items, how do I setup the work center so that when I run the planning worksheet the starting times do not conflict.

Unless your question is related to development, then you shouldn’t post in the developers forum. Post moved to user forum.

Also a bit more information, context and which version of Navision? The last Navision was released in 2004.

marynancy, to be honest the description looks strange… Have you read about work centers, machine…, “production design” points,Routing links, work-shifts, etc?

E.g. 1 work center may have 1…more mashine centers.

I remember very good book for the NAV 5.0 for manufacturing area and we have almost 0 changes for this functionality now.

Yes, there are a few books on “Navision manufacturing” out there. One by our member [mention:4a07ce597c904f50a75d74552219b7a6:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]