Navision without locking

Hi, I have rewritten Navision so it posts documents without locking. So if two users will post sales order at the same time item entries will be mixed… first entry from first user second form second… The same is for GL and all other entries. I want test it in 300-400 users environment. Does anybody know test center where we can test it.

Hi, Which database you are using. Have you written posting routine in codeunit or simply in table/form.

I can’t really see where you will find th etest platform. There might be a training centre out there witl enough stations, but I can’t se that they would be integratted as you need. You could maybe find an end user that has locking problems, and thus want to test it as a solution for them selves, but when would a system that big had a possibility to take the live systme down to do the testing. When we discussed this a few months ago, I mentioned that I had developed ages ago a Navision profiling tool that generates automated postings. You could probably simulate 20-50 users per machine, so youwould then only need 5-10 machines, and probably one person managing each. I think this is better than trying to get 00 users in a room together. If you are interested, let me know, I don’t mind rewritting the profiler to suit this. Of course you still need to get the server together. If you did it that way, then idea would be at a client that is in the instal phase, and the server is not currently in full production. The advantage to them is that they would get a real system test out of it. Let me know. PS did you optimize for C/SIDE, SQL, or did you leave it generic?

Hi, All modifications in CU12, 22 and some other. No modifications in standard tables or forms. It works only in SQL version. I can use Navision Benchmark tool and i have everything setup already. The question only to get normal server and a lot of workstations.

Just a few random ideas, but if you use a virtual machine such as vmware along with David’s profiler, you would not need all that many machines. You could also use the above in conjunction with some kind of testing tool that replays keyboard strokes and mouse clicks. Ive used one in the past but cannot remember which one. edd

Hi Edward, my tool was based on directlty creating Navision records. You basically set up profiles, and it creates random docuemnts, and then randomly posts them. You would say for instance that a profile creates 100 sales orders over 8 hours with 10-50 lines per order, it then generates the documents and posts them. So there is no need to emulate key strokes etc. Since its a standard Navision codeunit, it does nto need a virtual machine or terminal server, but to be realistic, you do want enough RAM, CPU and Network capacity to emulate real world situations. Basically you need to same specs as you would to run Citrix for 30-50 users. There is nothing happening on the screen beyond a progress window, so it is not a test of client performance, just server. Only problem is that its very out dated now, and needs to be updated.

Hi, Navision Benchmark tool can do all this staff. I can create profiles per user and it will create and post documents. This is easy part. I do not have server that will support 400 users and i do not have enought Client machines or terminal servers to test it.

OK gotcha. What about contacting IBM or HP, I am sure they would be interested.

Microsoft’s branch in Germany do have a test center which allowes such kind of testings. I was told, that you can send the database with the prepared testcases to them. Maybe other branches of Microsoft do have the same ?

Hi Marcus, Do you have contact information for the test center?

Maybe you can try to contact Claudia Ganter . She might be able to tell you whom to contact.

I think there is a serious objection against the posting of entries with no continous entry nos., i. e. when an error occurs at the end of the posting transaction, all until then created entries would be deleted and there would be vacancies in the entry tables, so the principle of “entries without gap” would be violated… - think about that. Indeed I have developed another posting principle with another primary key in the entry tables, namely an internal consecutive document no. and a document can be in an unposted or in a posted state but cannot be deleted once it has been created, so there can be no vacancies in the primary key. Nevertheless several users can post their documents quasi simultaneously because there is no need to create new consecutive numbers during the posting transaction.