Navision with SQL and SBS

Hi all, can anybody write me if are there any problems with runing Navision on Small Business Server? I would like to run Navision with MSSQL on SBS 2003. Thanks in Advance, Stefan

How many users you have? One issue: Always use dedicated server for Navision… (only very small installation can be excluded from this)

Kamil, thank you for your answer. The dedicated server for Navision is important for every application Navision with SQL or only for Navision with SBS? I will have 35 users. It isn’t small installation. Stefan

Hi Stefan. This is possible but I can not recommend it. I am running 3.60 on SBS 2003 with 20 users now and I am upgrading to a dedicated server. The performance is simply not good enough on this highly customized system. I am using Dell 2500 with 4 Gb RAM, 3x Raid 1 (mirrored) disks (total 6 disks), dual Xeon CPU. If you have a simple installation and low-activity users, you might give it a try but otherwise you should buy a seperate server.