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Hi guys, I have a ‘wonderful’ prospect that is looking for Navision web-enabled. He knows Navision is not strong in Commerce Portal and Web-users. We suggested WTS or Citrix to them yet he said the initial investment and the long term maintenance cost is too high… [B)] He suggested us to look for any of the middle-ware products that can integrate Navision and IIS… and preferably with the low IP traffic overhead so that his folks can use the low-bandwidth network connection to access Navision on the web. [Sigh…] Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.


He knows Navision is not strong in Commerce Portal and Web-users.
Originally posted by cylim - 2004 Oct 27 : 11:56:47

But Navision IS strong here!! Navision is both supplying you with some very good tools such as Navision Commerce Portal and Navision User Portal (ok - this last tool is maybe a little outdate). On side that you have many ways to integrate directly to Navision - especially if you’re running SQL Server it becomes easy. This way you can use allmost all availble middle ware tools on the market. Or you can contact some of the Third Party Development Houses like who has a lot of experience in this.

we use webvision and are verry plesed with it.

this might be of interest

Try product is called Transaction Manager.

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback. The prospects requested us to do the POC for the WTS and Citrix and I arranged other business partners to do that. Apparently Citrix is working better than WTS. Just wonder if we could find some comparisons and cost analysis between these two prods? thanks again.