Need help I have a project with Navision 2.6E and scaner barcode system. Do you have idea for me. oups i forgot,we use a citrix for the navision client and a wan lan

Hi! Well, we don’t use Citrix or WAN, but we use barcode-scanner with NF 2.60 … If you could describe your problem, maybe i could help … Basicly a barcode-scanner just “replaces” the keyboard-input, and that schouldn’t cause much trouble!? Regards, Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

Navision upload a list of pallet to the barcoder. Then user made the change in the stock or prepare a shipment. return to the pc upload the date of the barcoder and after automatically Navision use the information and tranfer stock,ship the sales order…