navision vs. CCS

does anybody know about CCS? their product is called ekon, they say that their product is easier to personalize, and more advanced, their argument to say so is that navision very old is we talk about technology… close to MS-DOS? they also talk about a new program by Navision in a couple of years that will be much better that the actual 3.7 from Navision. We are going to decide between these two products this week, and we dont want to make a mistake buying Navision. thanks

Customisations : can’t be more easier than Navision I would say. Technology : I can not comment on the technology being old. But even if it would be a rather use “old” proven technology, than new technology full of bugs and “child diseases”. Navision will ofcourse upgrade, as any other decent software package. And yes, the product improves all the time. But that’s like buying a car : would you refuse to buy a car now, because in 2 years time they’ll be better ? Old versions will be supported, of course. Just compare the customer list (references) of the two products, that should give you a clue.

Its really back to the Beta, 8 Track, Wordperfect, OS/2 type arguement. You can fight fo a while but in the end you will change. Rather than having to pay someone to convert all my Beta tapes to VHS, why didn’t i just buy a VHS recorder from the start.