Navision very very slow

Hi. I’m using Navision Financials 2.01A on Dell PowerAge 6300, 1Gb RAM, 4 processors, and 4 SCSI HD’s on Raid 1. Our Database is 3Gb long and there are aprox 30 users. In this scope, Navision is very very very slow and It looks it degradates along day runs … Please, does any one have a similiar experience and a solution ?? I need Navision to be really fast so I think of having a much bigger database. ¿ Will help use SQL Server ?? Someone told me I need to change to Nav 2.6 and that Navision uses DOBC for talking with SQL Server. … is that true ?? Thanx in advance !

hi! maybe you should check your cache-parameters!?! see manual (insallation and system management) for details! regards, jörg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

Have there been any customizations that would affect key structures or change or create new inquiries? I ran a 6GB database with 10 users on a Dell 2100 with 256MB of memory with no problem. I don’t think going to SQL will solve the problem. I would suspect an Operating System setup, system configuration, or customization problem. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

Hi. There are no “any” customizations but a lot of them !! A third company has developped a new big module. We had 500000 cache, and I have changed it to 150000 … now it looks a little faster …

Hi We have virtually the same set up with a dell Server but with less Ram, 2 Processors, 25 users and it works very fast. I should check your settings especially commit cache as this can make huge differences in certain applications.

The two thing to look for are memory and disk space. It is very rare now a days to have problems with memory as most servers have 256Mb+. On the task manager see if have any spare memory and take a look how much the memory is being swapped. If you set the cache too big then that can/will force Windows to swap memory. This will make things veeerrrrryyyy ssssssllllooooowwwwwwwww. Makeing the cache smaller will speed things up. It could also be the network, if you use a switch turn it off and on again, and see if things speed up. Paul Baxter

Hi. I’ve turned commit write to ‘yes’ and It’s much faster in some processes. Just another question : Do you thing a faster machine ( i.e. a 900 Mzh machine ) with faster HD’s will make navision quite faster ?? Thanx.